At a period 1983 - 1993 yy. were studied theoretical bases;

     conduct experimental researches

         designs and manufactured of

             technological complexes on the base of new technology:


                                   "Lazer Micrometallurgy a Chemist - Termal

                                    Hydrodynamic Treatment of the Materials"…


   By reason of maximum employment in this period by me were made disembodied publications        \1,2,3,4\, from which only very much attentive and "interested" reader could

form unadulterated picture.

       In this publications I will representation:

              1.Theoretical motivations of physical processes:

                                                      Part I , Part II , Part III.

              2. Results of experimental researches ;

              3.Descriptions recognized patents and inventions;

              4. Tested by the practice to designs , devices and "Know How";

              5. Economic expedient projects of  use …